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Possessing a distinctive voice with an arresting, deeply emotional timbre, Suzanne Vinnik has been described by Opera News as  "refreshing" and praised for her "beautifully molded, vividly communicative phrasing," and caught the attention of the classical music world. 

January 15, 2017

Cedar Rapids Opera Theatre: Pagliacci

Photo Credit: Rob Merritt/Cedar RapidsOpera Theatre with tenor Ta'u Pupu'a

Photo Credit: Rob Merritt/Cedar RapidsOpera Theatre with tenor Ta'u Pupu'a

Suzanne Vinnik is ravishing as his unfaithful wife [Nedda], her fiery soprano every inch his artistic match.

By: Diana Nollen of The Gazette

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September 27, 2015

LoftOpera: Verdi Concert


Suzanne Vinnik, a stylish lyric soprano wearing a long ruffled black dress, sang Violetta in Act II of "La Traviata," her voice notable for its dramatic nuance. The highlight of the evening was Scene I from Act IV of "Il Trovatore," where Leonora pleads with Count di Luna to save the troubadour Manrico. Mr. Jeremiah and Ms. Vinnik stood on elevated platforms placed on opposite sides of the space, the intensity of their performance attracting loud cheers from the rapt audience seated on white benches.

By: Vivien Schweitzer of The New York Times

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Suzanne Vinnik...offered a first-rate performance...

Vinnik and Jeremiah returned in a passionate, compelling performance of the duet from Act IV of Il Trovatore, in which Leonora offers herself in marriage to Count di Luna in exchange for sparing the life and freedom of Manrico.  Vinnik won the empathy of the audience with her depiction of a woman making an extreme sacrifice for her true love.

By: Arlo McKinnon of Opera News

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She is a pretty young woman with a pretty voice...we could bask in an attractive lyric soprano that retained its color and was never shrill for her outcries or her sorrows. (I thought of Moffo.)

Her Leonora, too, expressed her desperation without losing quality. The ornamental conclusion of the Trovatore duet gave neither singer any trouble. 

By: John Yohalem of The Parterre Box

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May 14, 2014


Suzanne Vinnik sang Gordon’s text with strength and beauty as Euridice, the singer showing no ill effects despite suffering from strep throat Saturday.

Vinnik was especially moving in Gordon’s song with its main lyrics, “I am part of something now."

By: David Hendricks of My San Antonio Blog, News-Express

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February 1, 2014


Rogue Valley Symphony: Mahler Symphony No. 4

She showed an impressive palette of emotional colors throughout the movement, evoking an almost child-like euphoria... her performance was the emotional high point of the concert.

Vinnik's singing was light and lovely and presented with impeccable phrasing.The whole thing ended, perhaps like a German fairy tale, mysteriously, with a hint of something perhaps left hanging in the air.

By: Bill Varble of Mail Tribune

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September 28, 2013

Las Vegas Philharmonic: Operatic Love


[As Mimi...]"Vinnik, however, has vocal power to spare as well as dramatic flair. This is a glorious voice."

Verdi’s work returns to conclude the First Act with Selections from his “La Traviata,” including the exuberant drinking song best known as “Libiamo” and the soprano tour de force “E Strano” and “Sempre Libera.” Vinnik projected darkness, even sadness in the former but shifted gears effortlessly to change her mind and find herself seeking mirth and pleasure in the latter. This is a technical land mine that she navigated with confidence and complete command.

Vinnik demonstrated superb control, balance, and variation in vocal color as she ended her share of the evening with “Dove sono” from “Figaro.” Applause was extended and well-deserved.

By: Alan Adams- Special to The Las Vegas Review Journal

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April 23, 2013

Florida Grand Opera: La traviata

The aria "Ah! Fors e lui...Sempre Libera" that ends Act One is one of the more challenging arias in the soprano repertory. It is also the benchmark for singers performing the role of Violetta. It requires a singer to not only be able to navigate florid coloratura passages, but also to be able to master very high pianissimo as well as have dramatic intensity.

The two sopranos are very different in vocal style and quality.....Vinnik possesses a lighter, brighter coloratura voice that highlights the naiveté and romantic nature of Violetta. Both sopranos sang the role extremely well.

Both Alejandres and Vinnik performed this aria admirably, but their performances were very different. Vinnik’s lighter voice skimmed over the coloratura passages effortlessly and, even though her voice is lighter that Alejandres’, she still managed to equal her, if not surpass her in the dramatic intensity of this act closing aria.

Joo Won Kang sang with Vinnik. The character’s first entrance is with a short aria "Pura siccome un angelo" and a scene and duet with Violetta, ’Dite alla giovine si bella e pura.’  The duet is notable for sections of a cappella singing. Kang and Vinnik gave pitch perfect renditions of this moving duet.

The "Addio, del passato" is Violetta’s last aria as she reads a letter from Germont begging her forgiveness for his misjudging her. She bemoans that it is too late and prays, "Ah, della traviata sorridi al desio; A lei, deh, perdona; tu accoglila, o Dio!" Both Alejandres and Vinnik gave moving performances of this aria that brought tears to the eyes of the audience.

The aria is followed by the reappearance of Alfredo and he sings with Violetta the touching duet "Parigi, o cara." Both casts presented stellar emotional performances to end the opera, earning standing ovations from their respective audiences.

By: Jack Gardner of EDGE Fort Lauderdale

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December 5, 2013

Marcello Giordani Foundation: Holiday Concert

Soprano Suzanne Vinnik has a sizable enough voice and spirit to convey Nedda's wish for freedom in "Stridono lassu" from Leoncavallo's I Pagliacci.

[Juan Jose De Leon] closed the program with Ms. Vinnik...  It was easy to see how the pair won the Marcello Giordani Foundation Competition.

By: Meche Kroop of Voce di Meche


October 25, 2012

The American Prize Competition

The voice is very reminiscent of the young Leontyne Price, especially in Un bel di. [She has] a beautiful legato line and with spinning vocal production. Excellent phrasing and feeling for the text. Brava! All singing was so nicely controlled and even, especially in the Verdi. Rhythmic precision is so inherent with each phrase and nuances are clearly articulated. This is incredible singing throughout. Very interesting selections: all extremely well performed.

By: Donald Hartmann of The American Prize


June 19, 2013

Kirsten Flagstad Festival: Stars of the Future


Suzanne Vinnik utmerket seg som prima donna, og duetten med Dounghwan Lee ble en intens finale.

Suzanne Vinnik distinguished herself as the prima donna, and the duet with Dounghwan Lee was an intense finale.

By: Paula Bjertnes and Geir Vestad of Hamar Arbeiderblad

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May 21, 2012

Lyric Opera Virginia: Carmen


"Suzanne Vinnik's pure soprano took the vocal honors as the pitiable Micaela."

By: Richmond Times Dispatch

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Suzanne Vinnik, as Micaëla, Don José’s old flame from back home, was suitably earnest and innocent in character and quite splendid vocally. Her solo arias are this production’s real show-stoppers.

By: Letter V 


January 3, 2012

Pittsburgh Opera: Hansel und Gretel

Stephanie Lauricella transformed into the little boy Hansel most effectively, as did Suzanne Vinnik playing his sister Gretel. Each embraced the subtle mannerisms and curious wonder that ultimately lead the two astray as though they truly were the small children they portrayed. In perfect balance, their instruments soared beautifully at every moment, accentuating wonderful points in the story such as when Gretel teaches Hansel to dance, and the two sing about their guardian angels as they fall asleep on the forest floor.

By: Opera Pulse

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Sung by two women, Hansel (Stephanie Lauricella) and Gretel (Suzanne Vinnik) may have more duets/tandem singing than any other two roles in opera. These two resident artists meshed brilliantly. Ms. Vinnik has the fatter role, not just in the greedy eyes of the Witch, and her soprano voice soared potently at times, revealing a hint of a darker tone.

By: Andrew Druckenbrod of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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"Mezzo-soprano Stephanie Lauricella as Hansel and soprano Suzanne Vinnik as Gretel were each outstanding and a well-matched pair of siblings. Vinnik projected the strong personality of her role with impressively security and tonally rich singing."

By: Mark Kanny of Pittsburgh Tribune

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January 29, 2011

Pittsburgh Opera: Pearl Fishers


The performance was stunning, and truly gave the “more experienced” cast a run for their money....the young cast of Resident Artists potentially outperforming their more established seniors. That said, the most crucial distinction that plagues programs of this kind in every venue, is the point that “young” and “student” are not synonymous, and that these young professionals are just that: professionals.

By: Christian Kriegeskotte of Opera Pulse

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June 29, 2011

The Castleton Festival: La boheme


Suzanne Vinnik was a refreshing Musetta, more tasteful and subtle (in dress and manner) than typically encountered...there was beautifully molded, vividly communicative phrasing, too.

By: Opera News

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Suzanne Vinnik had a nice, clear voice and looked great onstage.

By: Anne Midgette of The Washington Post


Suzanne Vinnik's Musetta, refreshingly, showed a more sophisticated side right from her entrance; this wasn't the usual sex-kitten shtick. The soprano matched that multi-layered portrayal with a vibrant voice and consistently animated phrasing. ...vibrantly sung Musetta...

By: Tim Smith of The Baltimore Sun

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April 11, 2011

Palm Beach Opera: Competition Finals

Soprano Suzanne Vinnik, 24, from Las Vegas, performed the scena: É strano..Sempre libera from Verdi’s La Traviata. She brought an amazingly mature skill to this difficult piece. Some beautiful, floated pianissimos were gorgeous in the upper reaches. 
The audience was given an opportunity to vote by cell phone on their one favorite young artist. Not agreeing with the judges, they chose soprano Vinnik, who excelled in her selection from Verdi’s La Traviata.

By: R. Spencer Butler of Palm Beach Daily News

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The soprano Suzanne Vinnik gave a dramatic account of Violetta’s stream of consciousness aria È strano…Sempre libera, with coloratura that was generally on the money, with particularly impressive runs toward the end. She took fourth prize yet clearly made a hit with the Kravis Center patrons, nabbing the Audience Favorite Award.

By: David Fleshler of South Florida Classical Review

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February 27, 2011

The George London Foundation Competition

The jury also dispensed eight encouragement awards, worth $1,000 each. Of particular note ... the soprano Suzanne Vinnik sang expressively in “Adieu notre petite table” from Massenet’s “Manon.”

By: Vivien Schweitzer of The New York Times 

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January 19, 2011

Opera Index Awards Gala

Suzanne Vinnik’ sumptuous soprano voice gave life to “Give me some music” from Barber’s Antony and Cleopatra. Her voice is rich and seductive.

By: George Voorhis

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January 16, 2011

Mannes Opera: The Crucible


All the principal vocalists turned in admirable efforts on Friday. (Different singers took the lead roles in a repeat performance on Saturday.) Some portrayals were ideal: Suzanne Vinnik’s brightly amoral Abigail Williams... in Act I of “The Crucible”

By: Steve Smith of The New York Times

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February 15, 2010

Nevada Opera Theatre: La boheme

Musetta was brilliantly played by Suzanne Vinnik whose powerful voice at times could shatter a crystal glass.

By: Brian Paco Alvarez

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September 29, 2009

ICAV Opera Gala

Moyennant beaucoup de travail, la même prédiction s'applique à d'autres sujets au réel potentiel - cinq chanteuses, égales à mon sens, et nommées par ordre alphabétique: la mezzo américaine Kaitlin Bertenshaw, la mezzo canadienne Aidan Ferguson, la colorature canadienne Teiya Kasahara, la soprano française Samantha Louis-Jean, la soprano américaine Suzanne Vinnik. 

With a lot of works, the same prediction applies to subject others to potential reality - five singers, equal to my direction, and named by alphabetical order: the American mezzo Kaitlin Bertenshaw, the Canadian mezzo Aidan Ferguson, the Canadian coloratura Teiya Kasahara, the French soprano Samantha louis-jean, the American soprano Suzanne Vinnik. 

By: Claude Gingras of

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Among the many memorable sopranos were the coloratura Suzanne Vinnik (a glittering Lucia)...

By: Arthur Kaptainis of The Gazette (Division of Canwest Publishing Inc.)

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January 8, 2009

Westfield Symphony Orchestra: New Year's Eve Concert

"Mr. Wroe maintained a breathtaking balance between the lush orchestra’s driving beat and the sultry voice of Ms. Vinnik."

By: Susan M. Dougherty, Specially Written for The Westfield Leader and The Times

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